Activate Your Endocannabinoid System Today!

For many years most scientists, believed that cannabis sativa was the only plant able to produce cannabinoids that activate the endocannabinoid system. Thanks to research in the last few years we now know cannabis is not the only plant that produces life-enhancing cannabinoids! In fact, just about every clinical study related to the health benefits of Cannabis sativa has also been done on its power-packed cousin, Nigella sativa, with similar powerful results!

Entourage is a synergistic blend of eight phytocannabinoid producing plants. Combined, they create the phenomenon known as the "entourage effect". This occurs when the natural constituents found in a plant interact together and with the human body to produce a stronger influence than any one of the plants used alone. When we combine multiple compounds in their natural state, we don't end up with the sum of the parts; we get a multiplying synergistic effect instead.

Few have heard about Nigella sativa because no one is smoking it, but studies back up our personal belief that it is also an endocannabinoid superstar.

5ml | $9.95 (8 CV)

  • Contains naturally occurring phytocannabinoids
  • Contains therapeutic terpenes
  • Naturally rich in Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 Essential Fatty Acids
  • Always THC-free

Ingredient Highlights

  • Black Seed
  • The little black seed of Nigella sativa is mentioned in the Bible, recommended by the Prophet Muhammad, and described as a panacea (cure for all problems and diseases) by the Egyptians. It is believed to have more therapeutic power and healing properties than its cousin cannabis sativa!

  • Copaiba
  • Contains high levels of beta-caryophyllene (BCP), a cannabinoid that interacts directly with the CB2 receptors in our body and may be neuroprotective and have cardiovascular and immune benefits. When taken internally Copaiba is a powerful antioxidant supporting the health of our cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, nervous, and immune systems.

  • Hops
  • The hop vine is a perennial climbing herb extensively cultivated for its inflorescences. Hops, the flowers of the hop plant, are most commonly known for their use as a flavoring agent in beer. Closely related to cannabis sativa, the hop vine is among dozens of plant species that produce phytocannabinoids and other compounds that interact similarly with the human endocannibinoid system.

Entourage - Lot #55018170-8 (1)

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Entourage Ingredients

Nigella sativa (Black Seed) Oil, Cannabis sativa (Hemp) Oil, Copaifera officinalis (Copaiba) Oil, Humulus lupulus (Hops) Oil, Helichrysum italicum (Helichrysum) Oil, Curcuma longa (Turmeric) Oil, Piper nigrum (Black Pepper) Oil, Mentha piperita (Peppermint) Oil